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Hell, You Could Wear Em’ to Dinner and Be Overdressed! - Skwala Fishing

Hell, You Could Wear Em’ to Dinner and Be Overdressed!

Sol Pants will not make you catch more or bigger fish. They won’t solve the hitch in your cast or the timing of your haul. They won’t make you skinnier, stronger, faster, younger, or more agile.

Trust us, we’ve tried.

We’re extremely proud of the gear we build—which you already know if you’ve checked out this website. We think our waders are completely unique, an actual paradigm shift in fishing apparel. Our jackets? Come on. Nobody makes jackets that do what ours can. Even our sunshirts represent a radical departure from anything else out there. We’re not a pants store, and to be totally honest with you, we always thought pants were more or less, you know...pants.

Wet wading in the Sol Wet Wading Pant on a Montana summer day.

From the salt flats to Montana summer days, Sol Wading Pants have you covered. 

Don’t misunderstand, we put a lot of thought and effort into making the Sol Pants perform better than anything else we’d ever worn—incorporating DotAir fabric and rethinking the functionality of the pockets, for example. We’re extremely happy with them, but we never expected them to be as popular as they are.

So, we were a little caught off guard when they garnered this massive following and sold out in a few months. The signs were there, though, and we probably should have seen it coming.

Last summer, our friend Doug McKnight sent us a text from the Murray Bar in Livingston after a long, hot day guiding in the Montana summer sun. It read, “They’re like wearing air pants. You don’t even need underwear with them.”

Skwala takes no official stance on going commando in our pants.
That’s a personal choice.

Justin Miller works as the international travel specialist for The Fly Shop. We don’t actually know what that means, either, but we do know he travels to a lot of places and fishes in a lot of gear. Here’s what he had to say about the Sol Pants:

The jungles of the Brazilian Amazon are not a comfortable place, with sun, humidity, and relentless heat. Also, I’m a ginger, so sun protection is mandatory for survival. The Sol Wading Pants were extremely comfortable, in extremely uncomfortable conditions. They were the most comfortable “flats pants” I have ever worn. Skwala put a lot of effort into making the Sol Wading Pant the most technical flats pants in all of fly fishing, but they also made them look amazing. You can wear these pants out to dinner or even to the office—some offices, I guess—but I suggest you wash the mud and fish slime off first. I made an absolute mess of these pants, crawling around in the clay mud shallows wrestling arapaima to shore. I took the pants into the shower each evening, ran some shampoo through them, and they were as good as new. I would have worn them to the office the next day, for sure…

Hearing that feedback from folks in the industry should have prepared us for what the angling community would have to say about them, but we’re still shocked that Sol Pants are the most reviewed piece of gear we make.

Brooks W: Sheds water like a seal.

Terry J: The most comfortable fishing pants I've ever worn, possibly the most comfortable pants period!

Erik K: Quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces of gear. Simply awesome.

Bill C: These are the best fishing pants ever.

Ed G: Was joking with my buddy about how they were "supposed to dry out by the time we got back to the truck" and they have lived up to that claim.

This last one is our favorite, by far:

Daniel S: They don’t look like gear. Hell, you could wear em’ to dinner in Montana and you’d be over dressed most times.

We try to admit when we’re wrong, and we were wrong about how deeply you would love the Sol Pants. We didn’t make enough of them and for that we apologize.

Here’s the good news, Sol Pants are back in stock and we won’t underestimate their popularity ever again.

Wet wading on a fall Montana day.

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