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Fly fishing is not an extreme sport, but it does attract people who push the boundaries of possibility. We build the RS Collection for anglers who need gear that will keep them dry, comfortable, and on the water regardless of the weather—step after step, cast after cast, day after day, season after season.  If your fishing demands more than your outerwear can handle, we made this gear for you.

Getting out of the river to swing for steelhead while wearing the RS Jacket from Skwala Fishing.

Purpose Built

The RS Collection was carefully constructed as a system comprised of a full-zip wader and full-length jacket to keep you dry in the harshest conditions. Assembled using the most advanced materials and a well-considered design approach; we made a system that can handle whatever you dish out.

Beads of water collect on the RS Jacket during a spring rainstorm in Montana.

Confront the storm

Heavy duty fly fishing gear tends to be rigid and stiff making moving around and casting a chore. Using advanced articulation designs, the RS Collection keeps you protected from the outside without restricting your mobility or comfort. With this wader and jacket combo, you'll wonder why everyone else is going to the tropics this time of year.

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