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Office Closed - Chasing the Skwala Hatch - Skwala Fishing

Office Closed - Chasing the Skwala Hatch

What does the team at Skwala do when the weather's beautiful and our favorite stoneflies are hatching? We shut down the office and go fishing. We don't really have a choice. We love the early season skwala hatch so much, we named our company after them. When the phone buzzes and our buddies on the west side of the state announce the whisper of wings that mark the official start of dry fly season, we have to go. This is why we started Skwala, to outfit anglers who set their priorities around hatch and tide charts, who are willing to drop everything and hit the road when the call comes in and a familiar voice says, "It's on."
Yeah, we might have missed a few emails that day. We probably could have made some headway on a spreadsheet or two. Some TPS reports were definitely neglected. But the sun was shining, the rivers were clear, the bugs were hatching, and the fish—much like our general outlooks on life as we emerge from winter—were definitely looking up. Follow along with the Skwala crew and learn a little bit about who we are and why we do what we do.
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