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Skwala Joins Fly Fishing Film Tour - Skwala Fishing

Skwala Joins Fly Fishing Film Tour

Do you remember your first Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T)? The thrill of seeing your piscatorial fantasies played out on the big screen? Massive, larger-than-life (literally) tarpon gills rattling in slow motion; close ups of giant trout snouts sipping; redfish, jacks, and snook smashing topwater; the hoots, cheers, and jeers of hundreds of kindred souls packed together in celebration of fly fishing—the experience both revolutionary and revelatory. The Fly Fishing Film tour has held the vanguard of our culture’s visual self-representation for the past 17 years, since Trout Bum Diaries (I &2), Running Down the Man, The Hatch, Feeding Time, and Chasing Silver went on that first 30-city tour.

We are thrilled to intertwine the newest fly fishing brand with the F3T’s tradition of bringing our sport’s finest cinematic representations to venues all over the globe. We consider ourselves astute observers of fly fishing media (check out our picks for the greatest films, stories , and how-to books), and we’re damn proud to have our name associated with this event.

Check out the rundown of all the upcoming dates and venues, and don’t miss this year’s show. It’s going to be a banger.

2024 Fly Fishing Film Tour Dates

January 20, 2024 Bozeman, MT Early | Late
January 25, 2024 Billings, MT Tickets
January 26, 2024 Cody, WY Tickets
January 28, 2024 Sun Valley, ID Tickets
February 2, 2024 Boise, ID Tickets
February 4, 2024 Salt Lake City, UT Early | Late
February 8, 2024 Sacramento, CA Tickets
February 10, 2024 Santa Cruz, CA Tickets
February 13, 2024 Chico, CA Tickets
February 16, 204 Bend, OR Early | Late
February 17, 2024 Portland, OR Tickets
February 22, 2024 West Seattle, WA Tickets
February 23, 2024 Lethbridge, Alberta, CA Tickets
February 24, 2024 Seattle, WA Tickets
February 25, 2024 Mount Vernon, WA Tickets
February 29, 2024 Spokane, WA Tickets
March 2, 2024 Missoula, MT Tickets
March 5, 2024 Minneapolis, MN Tickets
March 7, 2024 Madison, WI Tickets
March 8, 2024 Green Bay, WI Early | Late
March 15, 2024 Grand Rapids, MI Tickets
March 16, 2024 Ann Arbor, MI Early | Late
March 19, 2024 Downer's Grove, IL Tickets
March 23, 2024 Cleveland, OH Tickets
March 28, 2024 Denver, CO Early | Late
March 29, 2024 Fort Collins, CO Tickets
March 31, 2024 Boulder, CO Tickets
April 4, 2024 Dallas, TX Tickets
April 6, 2024 Austin, TX Tickets
April 13, 2024 Orlando, FL Tickets
April 18, 2024 Fort Lauderdale, FL Tickets

Don't see a stop in your area?  Well, the Fly Fishing Film Tour has a lot of affiliate stops throughout the country. See the entire tour schedule here.  

Maybe your club or organization wants to host the Tour?  See how to do that here.

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