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Brian Pitser

Hometown: Traverse City, Michigan 

Guides in: Northwest Lower Michigan 

I’m extremely passionate and conservation-minded when it comes to my home waters.

Things About Brian

Guilty pleasure fly: Bass popper 

Fishing superstition: “I like a daily routine during peak seasons and will wear the same "lucky" hat and clothes every day if I am on a roll. Music and playlists have always been a critical component for me to get tuned into the day. These things bring good fish karma!” 

Always brings: “Gear bag, sunglasses and rain gear.” 

Favorite knot: “Uni Knot is by far my favorite knot, and I use it for almost everything. Easily tied with frozen fingers and always holds. In my opinion, the most versatile knot in fishing.” 

More Things About Brian

Waders smell like: “A cross between a gym locker and a fish hatchery.” 

Most iconic fishing vehicle: "Herb Jacobson’s early 70's Chevy Suburban towing a beautifully crafted but "guide quality" wooden drifter on the Olympic Peninsula.” 

Tying your own flies is... “One of the last things that can separate an angler from the masses and can give you both a psychological and real advantage on any given day. It’s part of the process.” 

Hopes to one day fish with: “My kids, on a saltwater flat.” 

Prefers: Moscow mules over GnTs, IPAs over PBRs, browns over rainbows, smallmouth over largemouth, carp over bonefish, permit over tarpon, jacks over redfish. 

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