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Colton Schofield

Hometown: Emmett, Idaho 

Guides in: Greater Yellowstone area in the summer months. Melbourne Florida on the Indian river lagoon in the winter. 

Idaho is my home, so I call the Henry’s Fork my home fishery! We have a love/hate relationship. 

Things About Colton

Guilty pleasure fly: Squirmy worm 

Fishing superstition: “I like to say I’m not superstitious, but if something worked the day before then I try to re-create it. Had to be the hat I was wearing yesterday, right?” 

Always brings: “Extra clothes, extra rods, and food!” 

Favorite knot: Canoe man loop knot. “Easy, fast, and effective!” 

More Things About Colton

Worst fishing snack: “Bananas. But I’m not superstitious.” 

Tying your own flies is... “A pain, but a necessary evil.” 

Hopes to one day fish with: Chris Pratt 

Prefers: Moscow mules over GnTs, PBRs over IPAs, rainbows over browns, smallmouth over largemouth, bonefish over carp, permit over tarpon, redfish over jacks. 

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