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Corey Haselhuhn

Nickname: Sleddy 

Hometown: St Clair Shores, Michigan 

Fishes in:  I love being around or in the Great Lakes, with the bulk of that time each year spent around the Metro Detroit region. I love to travel and see new places but there is something special about home. The more I spend time fishing locally the more I see just how big and vast it all really is. There is a magic within my local water and I find more comfort in that as years move forward.

Things About Corey

Guilty Pleasure Fly: Clouser Minnow 

Always brings: “Fly box, tippet, and a SIX weight.” 

Worst fishing snack: Cold pizza 

Favorite knot: “The blood knot. It's easy to learn and it works for everything we do here in the Midwest.” 

More Things About Corey

Most iconic fishing vehicle: The Mike Schultz Tahoe 

Tying your own flies is... “The closest one can come to fishing without being able to fish.” 

Fly fishing should never be... “Too serious.” 

Prefers: GnTs over Moscow mules, IPA over PBRs over IPAs, browns over rainbows, smallmouth over largemouth, carp over bonefish, permit over tarpon, redfish over jacks. 


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