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Jake Keeler

Hometown: Twin Cities, Minnesota 

Homewater: Rivers, streams, and lakes of Minnesota and Wisconsin 

“Central MN is where I grew up, so the rivers in that area are my go-to's all Summer, and the Driftless area of MN is becoming an obsession; I see myself living out my golden years chasing trout down there.”

Things About Jake

Guilty pleasure fly: " Clousers...I always feel dirty using them, but they work.” 

Fishing ritual: “I believe boat beers are earned by either landing a fish or putting time in on the sticks.” 

Always brings: “Good pliers, water, and sunscreen.” 

Worst fishing snack: “Anything too spicy. You pay for it.” 

More Things About Jake

Most overrated fish: “Walleye. Not hard to catch and they fight like a wet sock. Good eating though, so I have to give them that.” 

Waders smell like: “Swampthing's crotch.” 

Tying your own flies is... “A must. Not all the flies, but the patterns you use the most. Also, fish flies tied by your homies.” 

Hopes to one day fish with: “All my best buds.” 

Prefers: GnTs over Moscow mules, PBRs over IPAs, browns over rainbows, smallmouth over largemouth, carp over bonefish, tarpon over permit, jacks over redfish.

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