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John McClure

Nickname: Johnnie 

Hometown: Cameron, Montana 

Guides in: Southwest Montana 
“The Madison River is one of the most scenic and consistent fisheries that in Montana, and I feel very fortunate to call it my home water. It has allowed me to achieve my dream of being a professional guide and live the life I have always wanted. For that, I am forever grateful.” 

Things About John

Guilty Pleasure Fly: Squirmy Worm in the dirt 

Always brings: “Spare rod, spare oar, and 2 sets of drain plugs.” 

Worst fishing snack: Olive loaf 

Favorite knot: “Rapala Knot—keeps things swimming like nature intended” 

Waders smell like: Fish 

Tying your own flies... “Turns good anglers into great anglers. By creating your own flies and tweaking ones that are already successful, you can come up with patterns that fish aren't seeing from anyone else. That can be a huge advantage in fisheries that receive a lot of pressure like the Madison.” 

Playing music in the boat is... “A surefire way to ensure you never have a seat in mine.” 

Hopes to one day fish with: “A walker.” 

Prefers: Moscow mules over GnTs, IPAs over PBRs, browns over rainbows, smallmouth over largemouth, carp over bonefish, tarpon over permit, redfish over jacks. 

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