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The Greatest Pant Waders (aka Waist-High Waders) Ever Made - Skwala Fishing

The Greatest Pant Waders (aka Waist-High Waders) Ever Made

One question we field from a small but passionate contingent of the fly fishing community, “When will you start making pant waders?”

Our answer?


We build workhorses, not one trick ponies. While waist-high waders have a dedicated and vocal following, they have limited application. They’re not great for, you know, wading, which we consider an essential function of WADEers. Rivers aren’t static, they flow, so even if you don’t wade much past your knees, a stiff current can push up dangerously close to your waistband. Riverbeds aren’t even. We’ve all stepped into unseen holes and surprised ourselves by going six or eight inches deeper than we expected. Pant waders don’t leave much room for error. A misjudgment means you’re wet (at best) or potentially swamped, which can lead to a dangerous situation. No one wants that.

If you’re a member of the Pant Wader Appreciation Society, don’t get mad at us yet. Hear us out. We’ve met and heard from many of your brethren. The conversation usually goes something like this:

“But Skwala, I do all my fishing out of boats. I never get wet past my knees. I don’t need chest waders. I need waders that keep my legs dry stepping in and out of the boat, and I don’t want to overheat rowing all day.”

“Great! We already make the perfect wader for you. Carbon waders are light, comfortable, and smoothly convert to waist-high with a quick magnetic attachment.”

“I don’t like convertible waders. They’re not the same as pant waders. They’re still too hot, and extra material bunches up and gets in my way.”

“You’ve never worn a pair of Carbons.”

Carbon waders don't rehash the same convertible wader design that disappointed you in the past. As we’ve mentioned before, everything we build is thoughtfully designed to outperform your expectations and solve problems for fly anglers. Carbon waders are no exception. While we primarily talk about how great they are for hiking or fishing in conditions when conventional waders might be too warm, they’re exceptional for boat anglers. The lightweight, highly breathable waterproof textile will keep you cooler and more comfortable than a heavier pair of pant waders. Our magnetic “drop top” system makes conversion quick and easy and won’t get in your way or restrict your movement when worn at waist-height.

We see conventional pant waders as the worst of both worlds: They’re built with heavier, less-breathable material, so your legs get hot and sweaty. Plus, they only come up to your waist, so if you run into a situation where you want to wade slightly deeper, you can’t.

Pant wader lovers, we hear you, and we’re here for you. Sometimes you don’t feel like wading deep. That’s why we re-imagined convertible waders to be comfortable and functional on float trips or shallow days in chilly water. And, if you see a riser on the far bank or need to free a snagged fly, you can go for it without worrying about getting wet.

Give the Carbon waders a try. If you don’t like them, send them back. We have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all products, because we’re certain you won’t miss those pant waders once you’ve spent a couple days in a pair of Carbons.


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