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The Fusion Collection: Synthetic Modern Textiles with Fly Fishing Focus - Skwala Fishing

The Fusion Collection: Synthetic Modern Textiles with Fly Fishing Focus

Do you understand how a modern car engine works? Sure, you get the basic concept—new technology increases efficiency so your car burns less gas. But do you really understand how that system works? Could you fix one if it were broken or build one yourself? Probably not, but when you press the pedal it goes, and when gas costs a small fortune, you appreciate the extra milage.

Our Fusion Collection is kind of like that.

The Stuff You Probably Don’t Care About

We could tell you about the Toray 3DeFX+ stretch insulation. This proprietary concoction of spiral-bound, poly-diametric synthetic fibers can stretch, flex, and move without losing heat. It also balances breathability with high clo-value to optimize thermal retention and maintain a comfortable body temperature. Unlike natural down, 3DeFX+ continues to insulate even when wet.

We could geek out on the Primeflex, 4-way stretch, bicomponent structural nylon shell that blocks wind and protects against abrasion without limiting range of motion or diminishing breathability. Though already water resistant, we add a C6 DWR coating to make sure you stay dry.

Side by side of both the Fusion Hybrid Jacket and 3/2 Puffy by Skwala Fishing.

We could give you all the details on our dual layer bonded Karuishi® Fleece. Its unique, glue and laminate-free knitting process creates a soft, insulating interior and a tightly woven, durable knit face. The absence of glues and laminates increases stretch and breathability and delivers soft next-to-skin feel.

Let's be honest, though, you likely don’t care—unless you’re weird, like us. The previous paragraphs probably affect your fishing as much as that manual sitting in the glove compartment does your drive to the river.

The Stuff You Probably Do Care About

High-tech sounding fibers aren’t the reason you buy, or wear, fishing apparel, so here’s the deal: The Fusion Collection gives you a range of synthetic insulation options that excel in any cool or cold weather fly fishing conditions.

The Fusion 3/2 Puffy is the warmest jacket in the line with 90 grams of 3DeFX+ insulation in the core and 60 grams in the arms (hence the 3/2 name, for you math geniuses out there). It features fused, hydrophobic cuffs that won’t absorb water if your wrists get dunked; a shallow, insulated hood that will keep your head warm but won’t impede peripheral vision or stick out past your shell in a storm and soak up precipitation; and highly articulated arm patterning for full range of motion when casting, rowing, wading, hiking, or lifting beverages above your head. The 3/2 works as a winter coat on dry days across most of the country and holds up well even on a bitter fall or spring day here in the Northern Rockies. Layer it under an RS Jacket, and you’ll stay warm and dry fishing midges in an early spring blizzard or stripping streamers on a windy late fall afternoon. The 3/2 is also available in a brand-new color.

Fishing on a cold winter day in the Fusion 3/2 Puffy from Skwala Fishing.

The Fusion 3/2 Puffy gives you warmth without bulk.

The Fusion 90 Pant is built to pair with RS or Backeddy Waders and keep your southern hemisphere comfortable even when wading through the depths of a northern hemisphere winter. These are more than puffy pants—90 grams of 3DeFX+ insulation under a Primeflex shell, structured waistband with an integrated belt, two insulated jean cut pockets that you can access under your waders, a zippered rear pocket, a zippered thigh pocket, and a zippered fly—these are fully insulated, breathable pants that move like running pants and won’t leave your nethers feeling clammy.

The Fusion Hybrid is built for chilly weather fishing. With 60 grams of 3DeFX+ insulation in the core and Karuishi® Fleece arms, it’ll keep you comfortable through an early season baetis hatch or a dawn patrol mission on a biting late summer morning. Use it as a mid-layer under a Carbon Jacket and you’ve got a kit that will keep you warm and dry on all but the coldest fall and spring days.

Stopping on the banks of the Yellowstone River in the Fusion Hybrid Jacket from Skwala Fishing.

The Fusion Hybrid is perfect for early mornings on the river. 

The Fusion Snap Shirt has you covered for cool weather, with 40 grams of 3DeFX+ insulation under a Primeflex shell. We transformed the insulated button up from an awkward, overstuffed shirt into a sleek, comfortable, high-performance cool weather garment. We don’t make “lifestyle apparel,” because everything Skwala is built to fish, but you can wear this one straight from the river to dinner with your in-laws.

The Apex Hoody transforms your classic hooded sweatshirt into your new favorite fishing jacket. Built from nylon Karuishi® Fleece with a water-resistant, hard-faced exterior, and a zippered kangaroo pocket, it’s the hoody that does everything. Whether you’re hanging around camp, chilling at the house, or cruising through town, you’re always ready to fish.

The Fusion Collection uses techie modern textiles in fly fishing focused design. Maybe you enjoy getting into the weeds on clo efficiency and weight to insulation ratios. If so, great. We do too. If not, just know that everything Fusion is warm, light, breathable and specifically designed to move with anglers.

That’s really all you need to know, because when you’re truly comfortable, you don’t care about all the reasons why. You’re just fishing, and happy.


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