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Going to Alaska? Don’t risk spending the trip of a lifetime soaked and shivering because you brought inferior gear.

You can reasonably bring two expectations on a fishing trip to the 49th state: The fishing will be better than you expect, and the weather will be worse.

Our Alaska kit has been thoroughly tested by Alaska angling veterans. You won’t find a more comfortable, durable wading system for the harshest fishing conditions in the United States.

Skwala Lounge - Bone Tired and Unreasonably Happy: A love letter to Alaska

I arrived in Alaska unprepared—oozing that brand new guide smell, dry bags overflowing with ignorance. I’d never driven a jet-boat before, hadn’t laid eyes on a live salmon or brown bear, thought a 20-inch trout was huge, and still thought the term “flossing” only applied to dental hygiene. Mostly though...

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